2. DPW Ethics Framework
    3. Green Building Framework
    4. Agrément South Africa Bill
    5. Memorandum on the Objects of the Agrément South Africa Bill, 2014
    6. Expropriation Bill, 2015
    7. Memorandum on the Objects of the Bill
    8. Whistle-Blowing Policy
    9. Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
    10. Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy
    11. Built Environment Professions (Bep) Policy 2014
    12. Disability Policy Guideline - 2010
    13. Government Immovable Asset management Act (GIAMA)19 of 2007
    14. Government-Wide Immovable Asset Management Policy - 2005
    15. Creating an Enabling Environment for Reconstruction Growth and Development in the Construction Industry - 1997 - White Paper
    16. Public Works towards the 21st Century - 1997 - White Paper

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