A brief overview on the current programme of the National Department of Public Works’ (NDPW) Contractor Incubator Programme (CIP) under the Emerging Contractor Development Programme (ECDP).

    Contractor Incubator Programme

    The DPW has embarked on the development and implementation of an Incubator Programme to promote the development of sustainable contracting enterprises owned and controlled by Historically Disadvantaged Individuals. To provide opportunities to achieve sustainability, the Incubator Programme targets projects within the R1, 5 million to R30 million range and this range is therefore where the incubator programme will focus.

    The purpose of the incubator programme therefore is to create an enabling environment within which selected existing contracting enterprises can develop into sustainable contracting enterprises. Preference will be applied in the accessing of work so that enterprises owned and controlled by blacks, women and the disabled persons are advanced.

    The enabling environment should comprise of two elements:

    Steady access to work opportunities achieved through sourcing suppliers on Incubator-designated projects from the Incubator Supplier Register. This will also be achieved to some extent by concentrating development efforts on a level of contracting enterprise that can operate in the sustainable R1, 5 million to R30 million range market identified. The number of players in the market place can be expected to be in line with the number of opportunities.

    Supply side measures for the support of growing enterprises through a structured mentorship-centered enterprise development programme with improved alignment of institutional support structures. The key elements of the support measures being:

    • Access to mentorship
    • Access to financial support
    • Access to information
    • Access to any other development support that would be relevant for contractor development

    The CIP targets contractors that are registered on the CIDB grades three (3) to seven (7). Further registration criteria is included in the adverts.

    Registration on the CIP is conducted on an annual basis through adverts that are placed on local and national media. The NDPW ECDP regional and national offices as indicated below can be contacted for further information on the CIP and details on registration.

    1. CIP Business Plan
    2. CIP Overview

    ECDP Regional and Head Office Contacts

    Johannesburg: Mr. William Moeketsi
    Fax: 011 713 6158
    Tel: 011 713 6017
    E-mail: william.moeketsi@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Cnr Station 51 Juta Str
    Head Projects: Jacques Liebenberg
    Coordinators: Marabi Malele
    Tel: 011 713 6195
    Fax: 011 339 1698
    Regional Manager: Jeanette Monare

    Pretoria: Nomfundo Tofu
    Fax: 012 323 7017
    Tel: 012 337 3342
    E-mail: nomfundo.tofu@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Central Government Offices
    Corner Bosman & Church Street
    Head Projects: Noloyiso Ntwana
    Coordinators: Petrus Rampeng: 012 337 3341
    Tel: 012 310 5054/5039
    Regional Manager: Vusi Mashiane

    Nelspruit: Mr. Selaocwe Kabelo
    Tel: 013 753 6300
    Fax: 013 755 1705
    Email: selaocwe.kabelo@dpw.gov.za
    Physical address: 30 Brown Street
    Nedbank Building
    Floor 9
    Nelspruit 1200
    Head Projects: John Nyalungu
    Tel: 013 754 6246
    Regional Manager: Patros Mashiane

    Mafikeng: Mokgowe Moiloa
    Tel: 018 386 1138
    Fax: 018 384 6344
    E-mail: mokgowe.moiloa@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    No 810 Maisantwa Street
    Unit 3
    Head Projects: Makgati Phaladi
    Tel: 083 325 2196
    Regional Manager: Papi Mekwa

    Polokwane: Jabu Tshabalala
    Fax: 015 295 8150
    Tel: 015 293 8047
    Physical Address:
    78 Hans Van Rensburg, Old Mutual Building
    Head Projects: Samuel Madzebe
    Regional Manager; Sylvia Moholo

    Port Elizabeth: Vacant
    Fax: 041 487 2209
    Tel: 041 408 2063
    Physical Address:
    Eben Donges Building
    Hancock Street, North End
    Co-ordinator: Lunga Mangqengwana
    Tel: 041 408 2064
    Head Projects: Ettiene Oosthuizen
    Regional Manager: Johan van der Walt

    Durban: Ms. Ntshadi Olowolagba (ASD)
    Fax:031 332 2844
    Tel: 031 314 7137/ 031 314 7000
    Email: ntshadi.olowolagba@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Normonde Nene: 031 314 7186
    Cnr of West and Aliwal Str
    Head Projects: Sean Thusi
    Coordinators: Sipho Masuku, Zacharia Sokhulu
    Regional Manager: Kenneth Khanyile

    Kimberley: Winnie Schwartz
    Fax: 086 571 1245
    Cell: 082 641 8357 / 082 957 4006
    Physical Address:
    21-23 Market Square
    Old Magistrate Building
    Head Projects: Theo van der Berg
    Land Line: 053 838 5204
    Cell: 082 775 6863
    Regional Manager: Sylvia Moholo

    Cape Town: Vacant
    Fax: 021 419 6086
    Tel:021 402 2058
    Physical Address:
    Customs Building
    Heerengracht Foreshore
    Head Projects: Ellie van der Hoven
    Coordinator: Ernest Louw
    Regional Manager: Fred Johnson

    Bloemfontein: Karabo Malebese
    Fax: 051 430 2772
    Tel: 051 400 8825/6/8700
    Email: karabo.malebese@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Civilia Building
    14 Elizabeth Street
    Head Projects: Brian Veldzman
    Regional Manager:

    Umtata: Kaya Pemba
    Fax: 047 532 3807
    Tel: 047 502 7097/7094
    Email: kaya.pemba@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Sutherland Street
    PRD II Building
    Head Projects: Leonard Mpakatho
    Coordinator: Wendy Ludonga
    Regional Manager: Nomzingisi Tukela

    Head Office: Mr. Sipho Kubheka
    Fax:012 323 7017
    Tel:012 337 3387
    Email: sipho.kubheka@dpw.gov.za
    Mr. Rowan Kyzer
    Tel:012 337 3038
    Email: ruan.kyzer@dpw.gov.za
    Physical Address:
    Cnr of Bosman and Church Street