The Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000 (PAIA) was assented to by the President on 3 February 2000 and came into effect in part on the 9 March 2001, it is the national legislation whose enactment is provided for by section 32 (2) of the Constitution of the Republic, stipulates that everyone has the right of access to any information held by the State, and any information that is held by another person; that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights and that national legislation must be enacted to give effect to this right.

    The Department of Public Works is required by Legislation to prepare a section 14 manual whereby requests are accessible to information in the custody of the Department. This manual must be in line with the requirements of the Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000 (PAIA).

    Promotion of Access to Information Act no.2.of 2000 (PAIA) was enacted in order to :

    • Foster a culture of transparency and accountability in public and private bodies by giving effect to the right of access to information;
    • Actively promote a society in which the people of South Africa have effective access to information, to enable them to fully exercise and protect all of their rights.

    The act details procedures to be followed when making requests for information held either by a public body or private body.

    The central e-mail for routing requests is: info.paia@dpw.gov.za

    Any PAIA enquiries please contact the PAIA Administration office at 012 406 1850/1178