• Property For Leasing

    DPW Properties for Leasing

    Leasing is a process through which a lease is provided to another party on specific terms and conditions for a period agreed upon by two parties. National Governments Departments are currently accommodated in buildings throughout the Republic of South Africa and abroad.

    Convenient access to dignified public Service. Effective management of the State’s immovable assets to contribute towards economic and social development and transformation of the built environment.

    • Aim and Objectives
    1. To provide functional leased accommodation for user departments.
    2. To optimise the utilisation of State owned buildings

    The function of this unit is to facilitate eviction or alternative accommodation if property is required for service delivery. However, some of the properties are not inhabited in the accepted social sense of being homes. They instead serve as havens for crime and other illicit activities.

    The mandate still lies with the department to lease out these properties to generate revenue and create a system support to avoid rental debtors