The department has identified the following strategic pillars for the current medium term expenditure period:

    • Transformation and regulation of the construction and property Industries to ensure economic growth and development
      The department recognises the need to accelerate the implementation of the charters in both industries. Measures have been put in place to ensure realization of the targets in the charters.
    • Efficient and effective strategic asset management
      The Department of Public Works must ensure proper planning for state owned and/or utilized immovable assets and devise specific strategies to meet the demands of users; optimize the performance of the asset portfolio to achieve the socio-economic objectives of government.
    • Job Creation
      The EPWP has a target of creating at least 1 million work opportunities over the next five years. The programme will contribute in the alleviation of unemployment and poverty through the creation of short term work opportunities, providing a modicum of training and facilitate exit strategy for the participants. Furthermore, the department will accelerate its contribution to skills development through recruiting 5000 young people on the National Youth Service in 2007 and increase this number over the medium term.
    • DPW’s relationship with Sector Entities and other Stakeholders
      To consolidate strategic alignment of the programmes of public entities, client departments, and private sector institutions to those of the Department of Public Works for seamless service delivery.
    • Role and relationship of the department with the other two spheres of government and parliament
      To strengthen intergovernmental relations, especially between the department and the other two spheres of the government. This requires that the Department of Public Works and its regional offices are adequately resourced to foster an environment of co-operation