• Vision, Mission And Values


    “A trusted choice for innovative asset management and quality infrastructure delivery for sustained economic growth”.

    The DPWI vision is aiming at painting an inspiring picture of a preferred future. It is not time-bound and serves as a foundation for all policy development and planning, including strategic planning.


    “To provide strategic direction and quality services that offer innovative and proactive socio-economic Infrastructure delivery and maintenance of public assets while protecting the environment and the cultural and historic heritage, safety in the working environment and safer communities towards sustainable development".


    We PRIDE ourselves ‘IN’ the following values:

    • Professionalism: by demonstrating a high degree of skill, competency and character.
    • Responsiveness: by anticipating the needs of the clients and the citizens we serve.
    • Integrity: by consistently honouring our commitments, upholding ethical, honest behaviour and transparent communication.
    • Dependability: by being trustworthy and reliable in the services we provide.
    • Efficiency: by striving towards simplified ways of doing things and optimize client’s mandate thus creating more value.