The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has embarked on the development of the DPWI Unemployed Database (Youth, Professionals and Artisans) that will be used to capture and store information on unemployed youth, professionals and artisans to ascertain the available capacity of the country to deliver on Integrated Infrastructure Projects.

    The purpose of the DPWI Unemployed Database (Youth, Professionals and Artisans) is to support government’s infrastructures priorities for economic growth beyond COVID-19. This will be done using available public land, building assets and infrastructure, which are DPWI’s focus areas to stimulate and sustain economic growth in the built environment. This centralized database will help the Department to ascertain and categorize available skill sets for execution of infrastructure projects; as well as create a central point for the sector to tap into. This is in line with the Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act 23 of 2014) which includes amongst others, the facilitation and coordination of public infrastructure development, as well as promoting the development goals of the state through infrastructure development investment

    CLICK HERE to add your details and qualifications into the database, if you are an unemployed youth, professional or artisan with infrastructure skills. You will receive a reference number after capturing your personal details and qualifications into the database. You can use this reference number and your ID number to amend the captured information.