• Professional Services

    1. Overview
      1. Vision
        • Driving Growth and Development of the Built Environment Skills.
      2. Mission
        • Empower a World Class and competent Professionals contributing towards economic development of South Africa.
      3. Goals
        • Objective – Restoring & Managing the skills pipeline
        • Long-term Goals - Ensure Supply and availability of skills, partnership and alliance,
        • To develop an insourced built environment capacity
      4. Strategy/Objective
        • Setting up funding Streams (SETAs and NSF)
        • Partnership and collaborations through knowledge management (Supply and Demand of skills and growth). Individual entering and exiting the system (HEIs and TVETs. Develop a Structured Mentorship Programme
        • Comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation Programme
    2. Back ground

    What is Professional Services?

    Professional services was developed for a range of different occupations which provide support to the department. People working in professional services provide specialist advice to the department. The kinds of services provided mean that the professional services sector helps to improve productivity and growth across the economy

    Where is Professional Services at this point in terms of progress on projects and so forth?

    There are continuous projects ranging from foundation phase (High School) to professionalism.

    Where can members of the public receive documentation regarding Professional Services?

    The webpage will be updated with inputs from internal and external stakeholders. We are currently defining who we are and services provided.